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On Vox: LIBRA TWITTER HOROSCOPE for 18 & 19 Nov 2009...

So true.... good reminders... =)

You may be ready to stretch your mind in new ways today, but you must make the extra effort yourself in order to reap the benefits. 

Others may come through with recognition or even praise, but their support will be after the fact, meaning you'll need to be self-motivated . Don't look to anyone else for help until you are already moving in the right direction.

You might have less money at your disposal today to do what you want, but getting by with less is a good practice for you now. You may be facing some leaner times ahead if you don't learn to save your pennies, so anything that reminds you to be frugal is helpful. 

Even if you aren't currently experiencing financial difficulties, don't wait until you're short on cash to begin conserving your resources.

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